Research Projects

Jardines del Bosque Research Station: Urban Ecology on the Rio Grande

This is a multi-year project in collaboration with a number of local, state and Federal agencies. The object is to restore the 12 acres of Bosque entrusted to the Center and to build gardens using native plants in an area adjacent to the conference and teaching center. The project collects scientific and ethnographic data on the Rio Grande, tradition-based agriculture and more contemporary paradigms for forest restoration. Summer internships for high school students are an integral part of this project.


Barelas Oral History Project.

This project has produced 35 one-hour interviews with residents of Barelas to be used for a video documentary of this remarkable community.

Community History Workshops

In the Rio Abajo and Atrisco.

Atrisco 300th Anniversary

Community History and Albuquerque 300th anniversary activities.