The Archives was designed as a climate-controlled repository to permanently house rare books, photographs, maps, and manuscript collections. It is also used as a processing area and a conservation and book repair site. As of this date, over 300 rare books are housed there. A number of recently accessioned private collections are also found in the Archives. They include:

  • Margaret Buxton Collection (genealogy - 75 cubic feet)
  • Edmundo Delgado Collection (history, politics, literature - 41 cubic feet.)
  • John Aragon Collection (collection - 24 cubic feet)
  • Hispanic Culture Foundation Collection (educational curriculum - 25 cubic feet).

In addition, the Barelas Photo Archival Collection (approx. 500 images) is also housed here. This collection is being developed as a prototype, using the latest digital technology, as well as traditional museum standards. Also found are a growing collection of historical maps.

Media Archives

All media is labeled and entered into an ACCESS database loaded on a dedicated computer. These include such series as the "Colores" programs on KNME Channel 5, as well as classic Hispanic movies. There are also documentaries on Mexico, Spain, Latin America, and New Mexico in the collection. We are awaiting the playback equipment necessary to make these materials available to our patrons. This will represent a quantum leap in our public service, as far as access to our electronic documentary materials. Currently this space is used to process collections and for exhibit preparation with community groups.


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