Exhibition: This Place Where I'm From: 3 Emerging NM Artists

June 24, 2011 - Feb 26, 2012

From super-hero saints to vibrating landscapes on skateboards, This Place Where I'm From: 3 Emerging NM Artists, at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, features the artwork of three artists who are moving tradition into transition.

The participating artists are all New Mexicans from around the state. Robb Rael, Jocelyn Lorena Salaz and Vicente Telles deliver traditional themes such as, a sense of place, family, and religion with their own creative twist. The exhibition looks at how old ventures into new, maintaining its roots while sprouting new limbs. Landscapes come alive with movement, old family photos tell a new story through paint and pencil and religious iconography becomes interactive and accessible.

Robb Rael does not just see the New Mexican landscape, he feels it. The distortion in his work, from landscape to portrait, comes alive with a sense of vibration.

Jocelyn Lorena Salaz mixes personal memories and old photographs to create portraits of her loved ones. In her drawings and paintings, the landscape is often a reflection on the person in the portrait.

Vicente Telles is pushing religious imagery into a new realm. Whether it be saints in capes or revolving retablos, interaction is a key component of Telles' work.

Though all of these artists are moving forward in unique ways, each work maintains a feeling of home, a trace of the New Mexican aesthetic, and a piece of the place where they are from.

This exhibition was developed by an emerging curator, Jadira Gurulé. A native New Mexican, Gurulé is a recent graduate of the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History.




by Robb Rael

Gouache on paper,
40" x32" .
Collection of the artist.
Photo courtesy of Addison Doty.


by Jocelyn Lorena Salaz

Oil on panel,
20" x 32" .
Collection of the artist.
Photo coutesy of the artist.


Adam and Eve
by Vicente Telles

Homemade gesso, natural pigment, pinon varnish, beeswax coating,
12 3/4 " x 9".
Collection of the artist.
Photo coutesy of the artist.