Theater Facilities

Roy E. Disney Center for Performing Arts

REDCPA Rehearsal Studio

Construction on the Roy E. Disney Center for Performing Arts (REDCPA) at the National Hispanic Cultural Center began in November 2001, and the facility opened in September 2004.

It provides world-class stages for theatre, music, dance, and media arts, as well as for educating the public about Hispanic contributions to these disciplines.

Designed as a stylized Mayan pyramid, with interior elements modeled on Romanesque architecture, the REDCPA has already won two architectural awards for interiors and lighting. It has three distinctive performance venues, as described below.

REDCPA in Winter

The Albuquerque Journal Theatre

This 691-seat proscenium theatre is the centerpiece of the REDCPA, integrating the latest in theatre design with unique and stunning aesthetics.

The flowing curves of the interior construction contribute to the state-of-the-art acoustics of this venue. The Journal Theatre also is equipped with an orchestra pit and an orchestra shell, which, like a band shell or small amphitheatre, provides optimal sound quality for symphonic and acoustic music. Artisan features include the unique doors and marquees, executed in burned copper by Federico Armijo of Cubero, New Mexico, and reflected in the copper mesh acoustic panels inside the theatre.

With over 1,700 square feet of performance area, the stage of the Albuquerque Journal Theatre is one of the largest indoor stages in New Mexico. The stage floor, of red oak stained black, has rubber pads between the framing and the concrete beneath, giving it the resiliency needed for dance performances. The fly system, used for raising and lowering sets as well as hanging stage drapery and housing the roof of the orchestra shell, has 46 lines, with 26 available for general use, allowing for rapid changes of elaborate scenery. At 85 feet on the exterior, the fly loft also creates the high point of the pyramid shape that is the central element of the building’s architecture.

Three levels of seating—orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony—accommodate audiences for the wide variety of productions staged in this venue.

Albuquerque Journal Theatre

Bank of America Theater

Bank of America Theatre Atrium

The 291-seat Bank of America Theatre, dedicated primarily to film and video, has a screen 19 feet high by 26 feet wide. The screen can be raised, and a small thrust stage also makes this venue suitable for smaller musical performances and more intimate dramatic presentations, such as chamber music and readings.

This theatre is another state-of-the art facility, with full digital capabilities as well as equipment to project both 16mm and 35mm films. It is becoming a principal Albuquerque venue for Hispanic-themed and Spanish-language films with broad audience appeal, and for premieres of work by Latino filmmakers.

Future plans include presenting special film series for children and seniors, as well as hosting extensions of national film festivals.

Bank of America Theatre

Wells Fargo Auditorium

With its deep red interior, the 97-seat Wells Fargo Auditorium provides an intimate environment for films, lectures, poetry and readings, as well as for full-length dramatic productions that play to a smaller audience.

The Wells Fargo Auditorium is used for performances, script readings, and auditions by the Performing Arts Program. It also accommodates slide presentations, docent training, readings, lectures, and films by other NHCC programs.

As the original cornerstone of the REDCPA, it joins the other two theatres to complete the range of performance spaces offered to artists, scholars, and patrons.

Wells Fargo Auditorium

Support Facilities

REDCPA Dressing Room

Behind the stage of the Albuquerque Journal Theatre, eight dressing rooms are designed to accommodate the casts of large productions or the members of big dance companies.

In addition, the REDCPA houses two generously sized rehearsal areas, with floor to ceiling mirrors, dance barres, and acoustic baffles. These rooms, and a large scene shop adjacent to the stage of the Journal Theatre, give the National Hispanic Cultural Center the space required for mounting its own original productions.

REDCPA Rehearsal Studio