• Fantasía Fantástica: Imaginative Spaces and Other-Worldly Collage

    October 14, 2016May 22, 2017

  • A Life of Service: The Mari-Luci Jaramillo Collection, 1905

    November 18, 2016March 31, 2017

  • Cervantes & Don Quixote Exhibition

    December 6, 2016March 31, 2017

Mundos de Mestizaje

Located in the Torreon, this 4,000 square foot, concave, buon fresco, was created by Frederico Vigil and completed in 2009. Mundos de Mestizaje depicts thousands of years of Hispanic and pre-Hispanic history highlighting diverse cultural connections between people and places from the Iberian Peninsula to the Americas. A digitized version of the fresco is also available online.

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¡Aqui Estamos!

Located in the first gallery of the Art Museum, ¡Aqui Estamos! presents a circulating exhibition of artwork from the NHCC’s permanent collection, which includes works from artists throughout the United States, Latin America, and Spain, as well as from other regions of the Spanish diaspora.